Steven Hammond is a Sci-fi/fantasy author, artist and photographer from California's Central Valley where enjoys spending time with his family. When not slapping at the keyboard like an enraged Siamang, while his Buster Dog curiously looks on, he can be found at the studio performing similar actions with paint and brush, or working at the ballpark.

At one point in his life he believed that his debut novel RISE OF THE PENGUINS would win the Pulitzer prize for best penguin fiction. Then he discovered there was no such category. Undeterred, he continued to write stories about penguins.

He often basks in the praise of readers and critics alike; and relishes such comments like, "Yeah, it was pretty good." and "You write books?" and "So how many books have you sold?" and "You do this for a living? I thought my job sucked. At least I get a paycheck."

A lifelong fan of SciFi and fantasy, his earliest memories were that of . . . [ read more ]

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Rising News : California Beach Closed For Undisclosed Reasons

Ally Dyson, NPL Press AVILA BEACH, CA—The Central California coastal town of Avila Beach has been placed under a massive quarantine. Details are few, and the exact cause for the quarantine is unknown at the time. Several military helicopters have been seen in the area. Their role in the quarantine can only be speculated. Avila […]

Rising News : Abandoned Yacht Found Adrift

Ally Dyson, NPL Press CATALINA, CA—The U.S Coast Guard found an abandoned yacht adrift near the resort island of Catalina off of California’s southern coast. The fifty-foot luxury craft was first spotted by fishermen who noticed the ship to be drifting listlessly. The men informed officials after boarding the yacht and finding no one on […]

Rising News : Carbon Dating Incorrect

Ally Dyson, NPL Press CHICAGO, IL — Melanie Cross, intern at Chicago’s Field Museum paleontology department, stirred up controversy when she went on record as saying, “In my opinion, dating, on some fossil specimens, may in fact be wrong. I even have reason to believe that some test, specifically on the recent discoveries of a […]

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