Order of Kings

The sixth book in the Rise of the Penguins Saga

Cover 06 The Order of KingsThe Order of Kings has governed the affairs of the King Penguins since time immemorial. But after a costly victory against the humans on South Georgia Island, the colony leader, King Elinthaw, convinces the Order to go on the offensive against the Royal Emperors, seeking revenge for breaking their alliance.

A stalwart commander, Admiral Gregor, suspects something more is at play and begins to question the king’s motives. However, Gregor has his beak full when Queen Gelika makes a proposition he may find hard to resist.

As the throne begins to crumble, and Elinthaw clamps down to secure his authority, Gregor uncovers an ancient evil hiding on the edge of the colony. If his suspicions prove true, the Royal Emperors will be the least of the colony’s troubles.

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