Rise of the Penguins

Cover 01 Rise of the PenguinsFew people knew the penguins were intelligent, or that they were organized and had their own society. Even fewer knew that they were vengeful. For years they were seen as the amusing clowns of the Antarctic—waddling, dancing, characters of cartoons. Before the days of animated film they were seen as something else; a source for lamp oil, food for sled dogs, or a hundred other uses that resulted in the deaths of millions of penguins. This was a time they never forgot.

The human persecution of the penguins on Antarctica main had ended decades before, but its affects were still present. Tales of man’s atrocities were passed down from generation to generation of penguins. In some places, the violence continued. Penguins, who were unfortunate enough to live in colonies near uncivilized or impoverished human communities, were continually raided by poachers or others who exploited them as resources. That would change.

A leader emerged from an ancient race of penguin known as the Royal Emperors. This leader united most of the penguin clans into a defensive alliance, developed educational centers, and constructed pueblo like communities within natural ice caverns, which became known as Pack Ice Command, (PIC). From this propitious beginning, the Royal Emperor leader soon dubbed himself Overlord of the newly formed Penguin Defense Alliance and as his kind grew in number, so did his power.

However not all penguins were content to subjugation by the Royal Emperor leadership and within the ranks of the Penguin Defense Alliance, or PDA, resistance was beginning to show itself. But what the dissidents lacked was a true leader. Under the iron rule of the Overlord, suffering abuses by his subordinates, Supreme Commander Liutites and General Diutes, and while enduring the horrors of war against the humans, an unassuming leader would emerge.

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