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Rising News : California Beach Closed For Undisclosed Reasons

Ally Dyson, NPL Press

AVILA BEACH, CA—The Central California coastal town of Avila Beach has been placed under a massive quarantine. Details are few, and the exact cause for the quarantine is unknown at the time. Several military helicopters have been seen in the area. Their role in the quarantine can only be speculated. Avila Beach is located near the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant, leading some to question its role in the quarantine; though had there been an accident at the plant, it would have most likely led to an evacuation rather than quarantine.

The U.S. Coast Guard has imposed a blockade of all boats, generally fishing vessels, entering or attempting to leave San Luis Bay, which faces south, and is formed by Fossil Point to the east, and Point San Luis to the west.

A local Sheriff’s deputy, who asked to remain anonymous, claims that the town came under the attack of what he called, “a swarm” of flightless seabirds, which he said resembled penguins. The likeliness of it actually being penguins is highly improbable as the slow moving birds are only known to live as far north as the Galapagos Islands, which are located over 3,100 miles south, near the equator. However, if the reports of birds are indeed true, it could explain the quarantine if an unknown virus is present. There have been rumors from the south claiming penguins are responsible for outbreaks of violence and the renewed conflict between Great Britain and Argentina in the southern hemisphere, which could corroborate the deputy’s claims.

In what could be related to this story, NPL Press has obtained photographs from an individual who claims to have witnessed some of the events in Antarctica. However the photographs only show an unusual gathering of penguins which normally live in separate regions, and no actual images of attacks.

We will continue to investigate all aspects of this story.  

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