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Rising News : GT Under Scrutiny

Ally Dyson, NPL Press

Long Beach, CA—Vance Lyons, President of Global Threat (environmental monitoring) and CEO of its sister company’s alternative fuel division, Global Technologies, was quoted during a recent board meeting. Stating, “We learn from our mistakes. And this time there will be safeguards and strict safety measures in place during this research expedition…they will not happen again.”

Mister Lyons, whose brother Val was lost and presumed dead during a previous Antarctic research expedition, was widely criticized for his apparent apathy over his brother’s death. At his brother’s memorial service he was quoted as saying, “[Val] knew the risks. In that [environment] it is survival of the fittest and he wasn’t fit.” The brothers had a stormy relationship prior to Val’s death, causing speculation over the short amount of time that was reported to have been spent searching for Val by the search team headed by Vance.

The promise of safety was presumably given to reassure investors, (GT went public last year), who are wary of the risks of polar exploration with no obvious gains. Headway in Global Technologies alternative fuel division have pacified doubters and encouraged support of Antarctic research.

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